Four Grandchildren of D. and E. Barge

Alessia, Frederik, Matti and Jonni

Chart II a – VI

Captured on Video by Dieter Barge

The family tree project is not just about our ancestors of whom we are indeed proud for their accomplishments. It also very much focuses on the living members of our family that are spread half way around the globe. Thus, the project serves the important purpose to get to know one another, to connect and to enhance the feeling of belonging together. I am delighted to be able to report that since our humble start at the end of last December I recorded more than 2000 hits indicating a high degree of interest among our family members.

While I have plenty of materials drawn from Uncle Günther’s Family Chronicle, from Eberhard Klopp’s ‘Brief an die Nachfahren’, from the archives of the Arrow Lakes Historical Society, from local archivist Annette Devlin, and last but not least my own collection of hundreds of letters, documents, videos and photos, I would like to continue to appeal to all of you to make contributions to the blog.

I am delighted to welcome some more information on the very youngest members, Frederik, Alessia, Matti and Jonni, grandchildren of Dieter and Edda Barge. On this YouTube upload you can see them learn, snack and play.

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