Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

Wednesday’s Photos

Autumn Impressions

As you travel west on Highway 6 starting at the Needles Ferry terminal you will find the Lost Lake after a 40 minute drive. At 1200 m altitude you will be breathing in the clean rarefied mountain air and enjoy the peace and quiet surrounding of this beautiful lake site. My wife and I travelling home during the sunset hour a few days ago decided to drop by and take a few pictures of the fall colours. Enjoy.


33 Replies to “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake”

    1. I was pointing the camera in the same direction, but #3 is an entirely different shot taken with zoom and focus on the bunch of grasses on a tree stump. Thanks for viewing!


    1. Today I walked through our little community to capture the fall colours all around us. I will publish the photos next Wednesday. I can imagine that your maples and oaks produce those amazing red colours that grab your attention. Thank you for your kind comment, Amy!

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      1. Yes, reds, oranges, and yellows, with the evergreens providing the greens and the sky the blues. All we’d need is some purple to get the whole rainbow. I look forward to your next set of photos.

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