Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

Wednesday’s Photos

What We Saw from our Canoe last Sunday

The sun was shining brightly, the temperature was a comfortable 21 degrees, and the wind had calmed to a pleasant breeze. Off we went to our beloved spot at the Arrow Lake and launched our canoe driven by a quiet electric motor in search for some great nature photography. We were lucky. As we travelled along the shoreline, we spotted a merganser pair that allowed us to come close enough to get in a few shots. Enjoy.



  1. mjones91 · June 12, 2019


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  2. Jodi · June 12, 2019


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  3. Pure Glory · June 12, 2019

    Thank you, Peter, for sharing. Wonderful photos.

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  4. Labby · June 12, 2019

    So eine schöne Kanutour, Peter ich beneide dich. Gruss Wolfgang

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    • Peter Klopp · June 12, 2019

      Es ist schon ein kleines Wunder, dass wir diesen See oft für uns ganz allein haben. Vielen Dank, lieber Wolfgang!

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  5. kopfundgestalt · June 12, 2019

    Great shots, peter!

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  6. Su Leslie · June 12, 2019

    Lovely. I really enjoy these posts showing the beautiful where you live.

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  7. Amy · June 12, 2019

    Oh my—how lovely. It looks like such a quiet and peaceful day.

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    • Peter Klopp · June 12, 2019

      When my wife feels a bit stressed, she asks me to take her to this peaceful place at the Arrow Lake. It is like recharging your internal battery. Thank you for your comment, Amy!

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  8. Steve Schwartzman · June 12, 2019

    I’m surprised that you sometimes have that lake all to yourselves.


  9. Nurul Fitri Lubis · June 13, 2019

    It looks wonderful to be there, Peter. So bright and warm.. Even the mergansers know that it is summer..

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