Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

Happy New Year

My wife and I had a very peaceful and relaxing Christmas. Even though it was a bit lonely because our children could not travel and visit us due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we made the best of it by going out for our daily walks. You guessed it we also took our cameras along. On Christmas Eve our five sons, their spouses and our five grandchildren got together on a Zoom conference. While it was not like a real family reunion we enjoyed seeing each other and did some old-fashioned carolling. It felt good to take some time off from blogging although I was sometimes tempted to peek into the posts of all my blogging friends. Here are a few of my pictures I had taken on our walks in and around our little village. Enjoy.

36 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

  1. Hallo Peter, freut mich, dass ihr beide das Weihnachtsfest trotz Corona so schön verbringen konntet. Bei diesen schönen Fotos die du uns mitgebracht hast, hat sich die Auszeit ja schon fast gelohnt. Schön, dass du wieder zurück bist. Liebe Grüße nach Kanada. Wolfgang

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  2. I love that third photo! First I admired the pine boughs and cones. Then, I noticed that wonderful little boat. The I took a better look at the dock pilings and thought, “Wow! That’s some tidal range you have there.” That’s what I’m assuming, anyway. When I was in Alaska, many of the docks looked exactly like that because of tide rises of 20 feet or more.

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    • You made some very interesting observations, my friend. Our lake here is actually the dammed-up Columbia River. Its water level rises and falls with the seasons. After the spring run-offs the lake is full with hardly any beaches. Best wishes! Peter


  3. Amazing pictures. Peter!
    And you have five grandkids. That is amazing. I grew up in a ‘joint family’ with my paternal grandparents and perhaps spent more time with them than my parents. Awesome relationship.

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