Explaining Navigation Buttons

The theme that I am using is making use of quite a few navigation buttons. Until very recently I was not even sure myself what in particular they were designed to do. After some research I came up with the answers and I am  sharing them with you, who may have been  just as puzzled as I was once myself.

 The image at the top shows the right side of the header with 3 social links. When you click on any of the three, you will be directed to my Facebook, Flickr, or YouTube medias.

The image ( ‘Share this:) displays buttons that when pressed let alert your friends about the post you just read. You can share by using your email, Facebook, or Google + pages. The post that you looked at will then be available to your friends by the click of a button. If you liked the post, but do not wish to write a comment, you can also press the Like button.

The tabbed widgets at the footer are quite nifty indeed. They allow you by the click of a tag to access respectively the categories, tags, archives and comments. It is my hope that this little tutorial was a little helpful to the readers and followers of my blog.

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